Basha Projects sites the curatorial output of cultural producer Regine Basha. It serves as both a virtual compendium of curated exhibitions, public interventions and writing from today through until the past two decades, as well as a platform for two independent broadcast channels, Resident : Host and Tuning Baghdad. Resident : Host provides access to studio visits and interviews that are a large part of the curator’s research but are often in accessible to an audience. Tuning Baghdad is a personal audio-visual archive of music, story-telling and narrative history related to her family’s background as an Iraqi-Jew.

Basha was born in Israel to Iraqi parents, and grew up in Montreal and Los Angeles. She studied studio art and art history at New York University and Concordia University and completed her M.A in 1996 from Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College. Basha is currently Residency Director at Pioneer Works.

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