Regine Basha of Bashaprojects has over 25 years of experience in all levels of exhibition production and public art commissions as well as residency & studio management and art writing/publishing nationally and internationally. As an Educator she has worked as Adjunct Professor in MFA departments at Columbia University and RISD and she has contributed her expertise to countless juries and selection panels for Residency programs, Prizes and Grants.

Bashaprojects has worked mainly with non-profits, foundations and private art patrons to advise  on artists and diversity programs, launching new initiatives, developing partnerships, board development and cultivating new stakeholders.

Partners have included: Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, Creative Capital, Queens Museum, SculptureCenter, Bloomberg Financial, Facebook AIR, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), Fluent-Collaborative, Art Matters Foundation, Art Omi Residency, Denniston Hill Residency, Galveston Residency, Artpace Residency, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, The Canada Council, Baltimore Council of the Arts, SOFAM Belgium, Saha Foundation, Istanbul.

As an Advisor to artists Regine Basha brings decades of experience in  supporting artists’ livelihoods and artistic practices.

Regine is adept at understanding artists’ needs, as she began as an artist herself.  She offers sound feedback on project ideas as well as on professional goals, contact development and next steps, opening up new channels for artists to pursue.  She is committed to treating artists with respect, care and discretion and her sessions have been likened to a therapy session for an art practice.

Testimonials from Artists 

“I come across very few people who can fully grasp the intersection of who I am as an artist, the artistic language that I want to communicate in, and further know how to expand that language while still maintaining a  recognizable fingerprint within my practice. Whether it's through 2d work, video, or sound she's sensitive to who I am as an artist, the subject matter I'm dealing with, and the media that I'm dealing with. She has a strong artistic gage and vision that can support or guide an artist in exploring how to produce/present work in the most finely tuned effective form. I think this speaks to her thoughtful and generous spirit in getting to really know you as an artist and unending curiosity about the world we live in.”
—Nate Lewis, Artist, New York

“It is amazing to have the opportunity to work with someone that understands your practice in detail on both a professional and personal level. Our meetings focus on the process, allowing us to uncover the honesty in the intention.”
—Tahir Karmali, Artist, New York

“I worked with Regine a few times, in her role both as a curator and as a consultant, and it was always a wonderful, empowering experience. Regine has the unique ability to articulate subtle and complex themes in a clear way that doesn't fall to oversimplification. Regine has been my kind mentor for a few years now, any artist will be lucky to work and learn from her wisdom.”
—Tamar Ettun Zohar, Artist, New York

“Regine Basha is one of my closest and most trusted advisors. She combines her knowledge of art history and her vast experience in the art world with true care and sensitivity to artists. She has deep empathy and emotional intelligence, and at the same time, Regine has an understanding of contexts, social, political and economic. She approaches artists and projects with this unique combination, she is both strategic and soulful. I have known and worked with her for over 12 years and she has become a trusted confidant, someone I always turn to when in doubt, when I need to bounce ideas and especially when I consider the future of my art practice. I find her feedback and insight extremely valuable. Over the years she has helped me articulate my work and has always practiced her support in a calm and precise manner, whatever the circumstances. Working with Regine is inspiring and empowering, and very importantly, she is unconventional. Together we create and innovate and this process is generative and joyous.”
—Ana Prvacki, Artist, Berlin

Rates vary according to needs.
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